Mountain Time
Runs Deep

Sitting on the front porch, drinking sweet tea. Having the big pot-luck dinners with way to much food. Saying "y'all", "ain't" & "sweetheart". All the cliches of being from the south, well that is who we are. We are the always looking for friends, front door is open kinda people and we love it. The southern atmosphere is our language. There is no place better than our home and there is no time better than Mountain Time.

 Store Hours: 9 AM until 6 PM

Monday through Saturday

Closed Sundays

Mountain Time On Main Street strives to be where the locals visit regularly and where the tourist want to be. We offer a wide variety of outdoor living products, home decor, Buck Stove heating units, local artisan merchandise and so much more. Stop by Mountain Time On Main Street and don't forget to ask for ROAN.


Address: 105 West Main St

                       Burnsville, NC 28714



"Roan The Pig." She is something! She is our in house door greeter who will always bring a smile to your face. 

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