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Mountain Time

              On Main Street

We love it here! 
These mountains, they are OUR mountains. 

It's where we hike and fish, and camp and ride bikes.  It's where we raise our families and spend time with our friends.  It's where our good times are, and our bad times too.


We have a rich heritage here in Western North Carolina, and we are super proud of it.  Our craft community is among the most talented and creative in the nation.  Our music dates back hundreds of years and folks visit from all over the country to listen.  We live right in the middle of Small Town USA,  and we love, love, love all that goes with that! The neighbors in the coffee shop across the street, they're our friends. The artisans at the studio next door, they're amazing. Music on the square, it's our favorite thing.


Our roads are a bit curvy.  Our mountains are a bit rugged.  Our rivers are a bit chilly, year round.  

Mountain Time On Main Street is a small corner of our world that we'd love to share with you.  Visit us in Burnsville, the heart of Yancey County and slow down just a bit to enjoy Mountain Time, on Main Street. 

Be sure and ask for ROAN when you come in.  You'll love her, too! 

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